Our Vision

To make our society a better place through investment in sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of the least privileged in our society.

Our Mission

To provide the opportunity needed to expand, enhance and sustain the ability to advance socio-economic development through Corporate Social Investment in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

Our Commitment

NMB Foundation is committed to use various capabilities in partnerships, digital innovation and expansive ecosystem to ensure notable impact and sustainable economic growth in our communities


NMB bank plc is committed to playing an active role in helping to address the challenges faced by our people - individuals and communities and supporting social and economic initiatives that can improve their circumstances.

Our Pillars


Our aim is to improve access and quality of education for bright but needy students through the provision of scholarships, mentoring programs for undergraduate scholars to prepare them to be better equipped, learning tools and improved public school infrastructure including expanding our sources of funding through strategic partnerships with like minded organizations.

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NMB Foundation believes that health is an essential component in creating thriving communities. The Foundation promotes access to quality healthcare services in the country through provision of medical supplies and equipment to health facilities. Our work complements the Government's efforts to improve access to quality primary healthcare in communities across Tanzania.



NMB Foundation advocates for environmentally friendly practices that lead to improved surrounding environment for communities. We believe that meaningful cooperation will result into sustainable solutions to climate change.

The Foundation works to provide different ways of addressing environmental issues through raising awareness, being at forefront in key environmental campaigns, seedling distribution, urban gardening, and supporting disaster recovery and relief efforts.



The NMB Foundation seeks to support small and medium farmers to access agricultural finance. This is achieved through increased capacity-building of farmer organizations and their respective members while also offering training to impart financial literacy skills.

Our aim is to accelerate economic growth through commercializing agriculture to help create jobs, improve market access, financial literacy and expand agricultural production.



NMB Foundation facilitates job creation and economic growth through mentorship, coaching, business training, digital and financial literacy training. The emphasis is on innovation to spur positive change for our communities.

The Foundation offers comprehensive entrepreneurship support to youth, women, farmers and person with disability in small business skills including mama lishe, hairdressers, carpenters, tailors and Bodaboda through experience sharing, exposure to opportunities, exhibitions, partnership and NMB Bank networking platforms such as Business Club and Business Executive Networking Club, Jasiri Club, NMB Health Club and Mining Club.

Who we are

NMB Foundation is a not- for- profit Corporate Social Investment arm of NMB Bank Plc, which was established in 2021 to scale up its intervention in carefully chosen pillars that impact the lives of majority of Tanzanians. As a good corporate citizen, NMB Bank is committed to sustainable development, prosperity and poverty reduction to address the hardship, high poverty levels and interconnected challenges that affect communities in Tanzania.

NMB Foundation programs are designed to address issues of relevance specifically within the thematic areas of Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment and Entrepreneurship. Through focused efforts towards the aforementioned areas, the foundation seeks to promote sustainable and wider economic inclusion. In order to accelerate the impact, we envision that the Foundation support model will comprise of a combination of funding, social innovation and technical expertise. We leverage our network of branches and partners, our strong digital capabilities and our resources to scale our reach in the country.